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Sunday, 10 April 2011

The Alliance of Evil

Hey guys sorry its a late post but today i'm gonna talk about The Alliance of Evil. The Alliance of Evil was once Apocalypse's personal strike force, and carried out his bidding, if i'm completely honest there isn't much i can say about these guys, except the history of each character.

  • Apocalypse - The story of Apocalypse begins in 3000 BC in Egypt during the First Dynasty. Born gray-skinned (although Apocalypse's skin color is sometimes depicted with different human pigment variations) and blue-lipped with natural facial markings, in the settlement of Akkaba, he was abandoned as an infant, but found by a band of desert nomads called the Sandstormers, the people of that tribe called him En Sabah Nur. In a nut shell Apocalypse is the first of the mutant race, his powers consist of;
    • Self-manipulation
    • Immortality
    • Superhuman strength, speed, agility, endurance, reflexes, and durability
    • Teleportation
    • Flight
    • Energy manipulation
    • Technopathy
    • Healing factor
    • Psionic powers
    • Genius-level intelligence
    • Access to Celestial technology
  • Harness - Her real name is Erika Benson and is also the mother of Gilbert Benson also known as piecemeal, Harness' powers consist of creating concentrated energy handcuffs that link her to her victims which , restraining or paralysing them and causing intense pain.
  • Piecemeal - His real name is Gilbert Benson, who as I said is the son of Harness, there really isn't much to say about this guy apart from the fact that he became a 700 pound monster after absorping the energy of Proteus, who was a reality warpping mutant. Benson powers allowed him to track and absorb energy fields, and alter his mutant cells to store and metabolize specific energy signatures.
  • Frenzey -whose real name is Jonanna Cargill, is the field leader of the Alliance, her power consist of being a super-strong mutant with steel-hard skin and resistance to extreme temperatures. Now for some history, with first glance of this mutant, she seems like your typical strongwoman, but with a closer look, she is actually a quite intelligent woman. later on in the comic series she went to join Magneto and his Acolytes, and eventually mind-controlled to join the X-Men.
  • Tower - Is a mutant with the incredible ability to increase his size and strength ranging from as small as an ant to as tall as a tower, hence his name. He is the most reckless out of the group, and also isn't very bright. Unfortunately for Tower he was killed by the mutant-hunter the X-Cutioner, but as we all know the teams from X-men tend to mix, which lead to his resurrection which was peroformed by Selene from the Hellfire club.
  • Stinger - Okay now with Stinger who is also known by the Homo-sapiens as Wendy Sherman, there isn'tr must to her but her power is the control over electricity.
  • Timeshadow - Timeshadow has a very unique power which if i say so myself just sounds awesome but i'll also let you be the judge of that his mutant power allows him to phase into time, allowing himself to teleport in a way, or appear to be in several places at once.
Thats all for this segment hope this enlighted you all my fellow Mutants of My very own MutantHood, all who follow my blog will join my cause of enlightening the masses lol 

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    1. I had no idea what the alliance of evil was before this, thanks for the post!

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