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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Character Bio : Quicksilver

Hey mutants, now before you all have a go at me I know that The Flash is DC but i found the picture funny.

Real Name         
             Quicksilvers real name is Pietro Django Maximoff, he is also known as Pietro Frank. Quicksilver has a twin sister known as Scarlet Witch, these two are the children of the Famous Erik Lehnsherr, who is also known as Magneto.

Physical Attributes           
175 lbs

           Quicksilver possessed superhuman speed, and could travel on foot at speeds exceeding the speed of sound for hundreds of miles before tiring; he could "fly" for short distances by flapping his arms or "vibrating" his legs; he could also use his speed to create cyclones, dodge machine gun and laser fire, and run up walls and across water.
After the incident on Genosha, Pietro continued to inhale the Mists of Terrigen and has apparently obtained the power, with the shards of the Mists in his hands, to restore other mutants’ powers.
          Quicksilver was trained by Captain America in hand-to-hand combat.

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