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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Xmen Anime

Hey guy sorry for my last post I have notcied that it is very random but I have also noticed that it got more views so as I say who the hell wants to be normal, i'm sure it would be so much more fun if we had mutant powers, the only problem with this could be the fact that you have a crap power like the glow in dark guy of the film Sky High.

Dont get me wrong that is a great film and if you haven't seen it I seriously and I mean
SERIOUSLY recommend that you watch it, there is a guy in it who plays a super intelligent professor and OMG the size of his head is just HI-larious, I mean it has its own gravitational pull lol.

Alright back to what I was on about to begin with lol, The new X-men Anime that has recently come out, I have seen the teaser trailer for it and it looks awesome they all have gone down the style route of traditional anime, which makes the normal characters of the series look really cool and that includes Cyclops, now I dont know about you but i know that me and a few of my friends really think he is a real DOUCHE, so when I say he looks cool then its not just someone talking rubbish.

That is all from me today just so you know I will get back on track with explanations of each of the groups and just as a teaser I am going to do one of the Ally groups seeing as I have only talked about the Enemies at the moment. Below for your taster needs is a video of the Xmen Anime also you can find all the latest epsiodes at this link;


  1. I think they should leave anime and cartoon separate... Anime versions of Iron Man and Wolverine were both let downs

  2. really i thought the anime one of wolverine was really good but i have't finished watching yet but each to their own lol

    thankz for the comment please tell your friends about me