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Friday, 8 April 2011

Anime Wolverine

Hey this is for all the Anime lovers out there, which if i know comic nerds like i do there should be quite a few of you looking at mu page, dont worry your not the only one out there. I am also an anime nerd like you and thats how i found out that there is a anime version of Wolverine.

It doesn't just start of boring telling a story its starts off AMAZING and it is worth taking a look at, it will provide i new spin on the Wolverine saga, the link below is where i watch it.

here is a little snippet of the show. it is in japanese just so you know but there are subtitles, so its not the end of the world yet.


  1. This is so different than what Im used to X Men wise

  2. i know but it's really awesome give it a try