Mutation: it is the key to our evolution. It has enabled us to evolve from a single-celled organism into the dominant species on the planet. This process is slow, and normally taking thousands and thousands of years. But every few hundred millennia, evolution leaps forward. Quote by Professor Xavier

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Generation X

Hey Mutants, hope your all having a great week unlike me here in the rain lol but hey thats what is called life lol.
Alright like I said the other day it's tome to get back to the team of X-men now as i said in my teaser the other day, I'm gonna talk about an allied group for once lol.

 And the subject of my post today is Generation X. To begin with I just wanna say that teh Generation X team is a spin off too the original X-men team, now unlike their predecessors the New Mutants, the team was not mentored by X-Men founder and most famous Charles Xavier at his New York estate, but instead they were taught by former student of Professor X, Banshee and also one of teh X-men's former supervillain's Emma Frost at a seperate school in western Massachusetts.

As you may already known their mentors are extremely powerful as one of them is Banshee, who is an irish mutant with the ability of sonic screech, he was too taught by Professor X even before Cyclops and Storm if my time lines are correct. And their other mentor who was apart of one of the most evil mutant groups in the whole of the X-men comics, Emma Frost, a former member of the HellFire Club also known as the Inner Circle, her abilites were many but the two she is most known for is her ability to transform her skin in to diamonds and the fact that she is a telepath. Her telepathic skill are so powerful that she was almost on the same level as Professor X and her stregth  with this ability gave her the name of White Queen in the Inner Circle. So as you can see the Generation X team was not just mentored by anyone.

Members of teh Generation X team are;

  • Husk also known as Paige Guthrie, who could shed her skin, revealing a different substance each time; she was the younger sister of The New Mutants' Cannonball, so she ahs some history beofre this team.
  • Skin whose real name is Angelo Espinosa, a former reluctant teenage gang member on the streets of Los Angeles who possessed six feet of extra skin. He could stretch his extremities, but mostly considered his mutation, which caused him to have sagging gray skin and painful headaches, a curse.
  • M also known as Monet St. Croix, a "perfect" young woman born into a rich family from Monaco who could fly, possessed super strength and had telepathic abilities. she has an arrogant manner which was an annoyance to her teammates and her habit of going into deep trances when deep in thought was a mystery to her teachers.
  • Jubilee whose real name is Jubilation Lee so you can see why she shortened it. She is a Chinese-American "mall rat" whose ability was being able to produce explosive energy. Jubilee had been a junior member of the X-Men so she is no stranger to dealing with the problems they face
  • Chamber also known as Jonothon Starsmore and nicknamed Jono, is a British mutant who can produce huge blasts of energy from his upper chest. Chambers story was not given a good start no matter how you look at it because when his powers first manifested as a boy, the sheer power of it destroyed the lower half of his face and chest, leaving him with only his limited telepathic powers using these he was bale to communicate but becaus eof his lack of interaction he is characteristically sullen and bitter.
  • Synch also known as Everett Thomas, is an African-American teenager, known for his pleasant, supportive temperament, whose ability allows him to copy the powers of other mutants/superhumans within close, physical proximity.
  • Penance whose name is known to me, is a silent, childlike and mysterious mutant who possessed diamond hard, red skin and razor-sharp claws. 
  • Mondo whose name is also unknown to me, is a laidback Samoan mutant whose mutant ability was being able to take on the texture of objects he touched. Mondo was apparently killed in Generation X #25 (1997). It was later revealed that the Mondo who died was a clone and the real Mondo appeared two years after the clone's death.
Well thats all from me today hope you enjoy the post oh and by the way I have added a reaction bar at teh bottom of this post have a look at it and tick what one you think this post is.

One more thing if you want to know more about the HellFire Club look at a previous post of mine it shall explain all in there

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